"How long does shipping take?"

1-3 weeks on average with a maximum of 6 weeks. If your order takes more than 6 weeks to reach you, you are eligible for a refund!

"How long does it take to process orders?" 

Orders are usually processed 1-3 days after a buyer places them, but may take up to 5 days at most. If your order hasn't been processed within 5 days, please contact us!

"Where is your store based?"

We are an American based store, but our suppliers ship from Japan, Korea, and China!


"Do you ship internationally?"



"I ordered the wrong thing / size / color / etc. Can I get a refund?"

We do not give refunds for orders inputted incorrectly. We only give refunds to lost orders, orders in which the customer receives the wrong item, or orders where a customer doesn't receive their goods after 6 weeks of waiting time.


"I received the wrong item. / The item I ordered looked nothing like the picture shown on your website."


Please supply us a photo of the package you received along with your order number.


"I ordered these pants/skirts/article of clothing with buttons on it, and there isn't a hole for the buttons!"

In many Asian countries, especially Singapore and China, it is common for online stores to send you articles of clothing without cutting open where an opening should be for buttons. This is to show that the item you received is completely new and isn't second hand. This is not a sewing error but an intentional design choice. We apologize for any misunderstandings that may arise from this!